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The Closest Strategic Partner

Our primary principal, as MESE, is to be the closest strategic partner of our clients with the highest commitment. Celebrating its 22th year as a communication company, MESE is among the top PR companies in Turkey in terms of its portfolio. MESE is also the first company in PR sector serving its clients with local and digital media departments.


Corporate Communications
Brand Communications
Digital PR
Financial Communications
Issues and Crisis Management
Media Relations
Local Media Relations
Sports Marketing
EU Communications

Digital PR

Driven by the technological requirements and developments during the recent years, MESE has placed the first and only digital media department and conventional media service. With our Digital PR department, we combine traditional public relations strategies with the most advanced, innovative digital channels to maximize effectiveness.

Our team

Our team, with long years of journalism background, is efficient in matching the right message with the right target audience. We see the big picture from a wide perspective and can help create and coordinate publicity campaigns in coordination with the company’s public relations and marketing strategy.