About Us

MESE has been an expert in PR since 1991. MESE has seen the changes and developments in Turkey’s PR world since its establishment and has been one of the pioneering organizations in the implementation of the evolving PR approaches and principles. MESE has witnessed the blooming of PR companies barely from a dozen to more than 5,000 in twenty years in Istanbul alone and has provided strategic consultancy and media communication services to a steady stream of major international companies with the distinction of being one of the first firms in the field.
MESE has directly experienced the developments in the PR world in Turkey since the day it was founded. It became one of the leading companies in terms of implementing the changing PR approach and principles. With the advantage of being established in 1991, MESE has always served significant multinational companies in the fields of strategic consulting and media communications.
Our philosophy is providing communications services in the most professional manner possible, while working honestly and with transparency with the right customers.