Media Relations
• Media communication strategy and planning
• Media training for spokesperson
• Press lists and updating
• Media contacts and follow-up
• Writing press and video-releases, translation and distribution
• Preparation of special news items, success stories and interviews
• Press conferences, trips and informal press organizations
• Press gatherings for specific media groups

Organization Management
• To warn the company on social, political, sectoral and financial opportunities as a member of the administration and marketing team
• To create and apply projects and events for corporate and brand communications
• To coordinate third parties
• To maintain logistic support on projects
• To programme and budget events

• Media follow-up of the client, competitors, sector, related laws and
regulations, issues and private topics (local media out-sourced)
• TV follow-up is out-sourced
• Unique reporting with comparative media analysis
• Commentary reports on news, sectoral activities and other related issues
• Monthly and yearly evaluation reports and revisions on client’s media strategy

Other Services
• Search, create, evaluate and apply sponsorship projects
• Plan and create image building events
• Fair, seminar, conference, exhibition, concert, show organizations
• Below-the-line advertisement support
• Support marketing activities, guerilla marketing techniques, customer satisfaction projects, campaign proposals and coordination
• Documentary and publicity film and books production
• Preparation and production of corporate periodicals